My story...

Every piece is special.

Thank you for stopping by, I am truly honored and grateful; and I mean that. Not many people follow their dreams or decide to live the life they truly want to and because of YOU, I get to do just that. I know you could purchase chocolate anywhere and yet, you are here. So, yes, I am GRATEFUL!! Thank You!

I started this journey a couple years back after wearing a hole in my floor from all the non stop "gotta go, gotta do" and my husband jokingly saying, "you need a hobby". 

So a hobby I got and a great one at that. I started taking chocolate classes, bought every college chocolate making book I could get my hands on, watched any and all videos I could find until My Piece of Chocolate was born. What a journey it has been. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with such wonderful people, created all sorts of treats for their special days, knowing that what I am doing is making thier day even better. I LOVE it! 

All my over-the-top chocolates are handmade and made to order. I have some signature ideas for easy shopping, but I would be happy to customize just for you. If you need ideas take a peak around. I have done party and wedding favors, platters, themed gift baskets. Let's create something amazing together!

Again, thank  you for supporting my dream, hope we can work together.